Exit the King

Exit the King featured a groundbreaking theatrical experience that seamlessly blended technology and performance with the integration of the Random Actor software. The play, written by Eugène Ionesco and translated by Donald Watson, told the story of King Berenger the First, whose empire crumbled as his life neared its end. The innovative approach incorporated Random Actor, a software tool developed over four years at BU, to create live, interactive stage projections that responded to the actor's movements and voice in real-time. Three motion detectors captured data on the actor's actions, directing the software to produce dynamic projections on the backdrop, floor, and the actor himself. This groundbreaking collaboration between art and technology, supported by the Shipley Center for Digital Learning & Innovation and led by visiting artist Paolo Scoppola, promised a theatrical experience like no other. Exit the King and Random Actor challenged traditional boundaries and opened new possibilities for the future of theater and interactive performance.